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The Big Questions

“Being understood is important, understanding yourself is critical. Yet, for most of us we journey through life on autopilot, not checking if our conditioning or habits are serving us. We in fact live a version of ourselves that may not be who we actually are. And that’s where our problems begin.”

Yep, that’s me in 1964 at 4 years old with my whole life ahead me.

What was I going to do? Who would I turn out to be? Would I make a difference to others and the world? What challenges would I face? How would I deal with them? Would I be a leader or a follower? Would I be happy? What would make me happy? Would I live my purpose or even understand it? Would I achieve my goals? Would I find love?

These are just some of the big questions that whether I knew it or not, I would be asking myself subliminally as part of my journey through life. And you’ve been asking yourself many of these questions and more. Answering your big questions as opposed to avoiding them can make your life the joyous experience it is meant to be.

Approach and Philosophy
I truly believe that the greatest investment any of us can make in life, is the investment you make in yourself. It is from this foundation that everything else is built.

At the core of my approach in assisting you in your journey back to your authentic self is firstly, standing still in order that you can 

become fully aware and present,
in a manner that is totally unpolluted by other distractions. This will bring you ‘clarity’ and with clarity you can strip away the layers that manifest in your life as unhealthy challenges and blockages.

How you see the world, interact with others, prioritise or ignore, are all dynamics that form your perspective on life. And, therefore impact and inform your decision making process. These patterns are the basis of how you show up in the world. It is a projection that you have more control of than you may think.

Modern life is full of noise and drama and you play your role in adding to this in one way or another. Your baked in beliefs, the environments you choose to frequent, your default persona all add layers to your life experience. Recognising and acknowledging this is the first step in identifying which of your habits are serving you and which ones are hampering you.

Your fresh perspective will allow you to meet challenges with new empowering strategies rather than negative habitual reactions.

Simply put, you can start to truly experience the mantra ‘Life is what you make it’. It is within your power, you just need to believe.

Michael Adams

Ways, I Can Assist You

Personal and Corporate Consultation

    Enhanced Personal Development And Personal Consultation

    These sessions have an emphasis on mentoring and are aimed at giving you a non-judgemental outlet for unloading and expressing. You set the agenda. Anything from what’s bugging you to what you want to achieve and what may be getting in the way. Should therapeutic intervention be required—which will be acknowledged and agreed by both parties—they will take the form of confidential talking therapy sessions that identify challenges and blockages with the aim of empowering you to implement relevant corrective strategies to achieve your desired outcomes. Anxiety, stress, depression and phobias are amongst the most common ailments that you may experience at any given time in your life. These can range from being uncomfortable to totally debilitating.

    Corporate Consulting

    Group presentations, workshops and webinars that reveal and address workplace procrastination, stress and anxiety triggers for both individual and collective empowerment. Leading to highly motivated, focussed and productive people.

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